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My Pal Monty

January 30, 2006

Here he is. The dog in my life and how glad I am that he is mine. He’s such good company and he keeps me on the move when I might just fold up.

What a character! Unconditional love, that’s what he is. And he’s so full of fun. What a pal!



January 28, 2006

Managed over 800 words today even though I was expecting Dave to turn up any minute to cut the back hedge. I had to phone his wife, and he arrived well after lunch.
Almost my daily target of 1K written today nevertheless. I stopped at a place in the scene where it will be easy to continue tomorrow hopefully, but I should work out the attitudes of the two principal characters in this scene before I start again.

Someone asked me if my dog was dead yesterday and that upset me very much. I was so upset I could not let him sleep in the kitchen on his own as he usualy does, but instead he slept in his portable bed near the radiator. He seemed contented enough. I heard him snore in the night anyway. Apart from a few snores he did not disturb my sleep. Of course, it was a novelty for him. It may be me such a good thing as a rule. We each need our space. I’d be lost without him now. Why do people start these horrible rumours? Just because they haven’t seen my dog for a while. It was most disturbing.

He’s Football Crazy, He’s Football Mad!

January 27, 2006

My scruffy four legged companion Monty will be two years old next week. Bless him!

The scruffier he gets the more I love him.

He’s a football addict. He plays football all day long, stopping only to take a snooze now and then.

What a character he is.

I wish I could take him to see Dear Hubby more often. But I like to stay a couple of hours. That doesn’t suit Monty. After half an hour he gets bored and wants to be off. He’s better off at home where he can kick his football about to his heart’s content.

He’s always joyful to see me come home, love him.

I joined in the football game in the kitchen the other day and kick the ball a bit too hard. I only smashed his china food dish that’s all. He looked up at me in astonishment and then ran off as if his life depended on it. I think he expected me to blame him. But my Monty can do no wrong. He’s an angel in disguise.


January 11, 2006

Cause for celebrations today. Signed a new book contract this morning. Deadline March 06. Not a lot of time left to complete. Better get back to work.


January 11, 2006

Celebrating today..Signed a new book contract this morning.

Deadline March 06. Not a lot of time left to complete. Better get backto work.


January 10, 2006


Staying the Course

January 10, 2006

Blogging here is a bit hit and miss I’m finding – probably because I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

I suppose I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Had blood tests today – the dreaded cholesterol level. Ho-hum!

Tried to get on with writing but my brain seemed to have seized up today. Let’s hope tomorrow will be better.

The Importance of Feet

January 9, 2006

I was glad to see my choropodist today. I see her privately and have done for years. I would have to wait months to have my feet seen to if I relied on the council run clinic – and now they are discharging patients who have no medical problem in a cut down to save money. What is this country coming to?

A medical problem or not – elderly people have a real difficulty in looking after their feet – difficulty in being able to reach their feet for a start and difficulty in being able to see what they are doing. Let’s face it – the problems of the elderly are often forgotten or worse, ignored. Often the elderly living alone find preparing food each day a task beyond their strength. And keeping their home clean and in good repair also poses insurmountable problems. Why are the elderly of this country so neglected?

Answer = a high pension? Well, that would help them pay for the treatment they need, yes. But the elderly need practical help too. They need muscle-power and willing hearts to help them with the ordinary everyday tasks. When will the elderly get a fair deal in this country?


January 7, 2006

Today I visit my old hubby at the nursing home. Poor old darling. I must content myself with knowing he is safe and well looked after. It is strange though having been his carer for four years. Now I have no say in his care. I can only visit and remember the old days when we were together.

Thankfully, he always knows who I am, but genially enquires after people long gone – I haven’t the heart to remind him that they are no longer with us.

I return from there but not to en empty house for I have my little dog running to welcome me home. Thank heaven I have him.

Oh well – on with the day.

The return of the sulk elsewhere

January 7, 2006

New year – new blog. Do I have anything to say, though? I have opinions about most everything, but doubt anyone else would be interested.

Lost a dear friend lately – a very kind caring person who will be missed. I worry about the surviving family – how will they live without a breadwinner? That sounds old-fashioned – but what provision is made by the State for a middle-aged woman, in dubious health, having lost her husband? I worry about this.