The Importance of Feet

I was glad to see my choropodist today. I see her privately and have done for years. I would have to wait months to have my feet seen to if I relied on the council run clinic – and now they are discharging patients who have no medical problem in a cut down to save money. What is this country coming to?

A medical problem or not – elderly people have a real difficulty in looking after their feet – difficulty in being able to reach their feet for a start and difficulty in being able to see what they are doing. Let’s face it – the problems of the elderly are often forgotten or worse, ignored. Often the elderly living alone find preparing food each day a task beyond their strength. And keeping their home clean and in good repair also poses insurmountable problems. Why are the elderly of this country so neglected?

Answer = a high pension? Well, that would help them pay for the treatment they need, yes. But the elderly need practical help too. They need muscle-power and willing hearts to help them with the ordinary everyday tasks. When will the elderly get a fair deal in this country?


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