He’s Football Crazy, He’s Football Mad!

My scruffy four legged companion Monty will be two years old next week. Bless him!

The scruffier he gets the more I love him.

He’s a football addict. He plays football all day long, stopping only to take a snooze now and then.

What a character he is.

I wish I could take him to see Dear Hubby more often. But I like to stay a couple of hours. That doesn’t suit Monty. After half an hour he gets bored and wants to be off. He’s better off at home where he can kick his football about to his heart’s content.

He’s always joyful to see me come home, love him.

I joined in the football game in the kitchen the other day and kick the ball a bit too hard. I only smashed his china food dish that’s all. He looked up at me in astonishment and then ran off as if his life depended on it. I think he expected me to blame him. But my Monty can do no wrong. He’s an angel in disguise.


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