Managed over 800 words today even though I was expecting Dave to turn up any minute to cut the back hedge. I had to phone his wife, and he arrived well after lunch.
Almost my daily target of 1K written today nevertheless. I stopped at a place in the scene where it will be easy to continue tomorrow hopefully, but I should work out the attitudes of the two principal characters in this scene before I start again.

Someone asked me if my dog was dead yesterday and that upset me very much. I was so upset I could not let him sleep in the kitchen on his own as he usualy does, but instead he slept in his portable bed near the radiator. He seemed contented enough. I heard him snore in the night anyway. Apart from a few snores he did not disturb my sleep. Of course, it was a novelty for him. It may be me such a good thing as a rule. We each need our space. I’d be lost without him now. Why do people start these horrible rumours? Just because they haven’t seen my dog for a while. It was most disturbing.


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