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February 28, 2006

Ice Skating

It is snowing but thankfully it is not sticking. Now we have sleet. I’m staying indoor where I belong at my age. I dread a fall. Keep warm that’s my motto. My city is on the edge of the sea with a barrier of mountains at the back so often we escape the worst of the snow.

Having my hair styled today. Hairdresser is calling at my home. I hate getting my head wet in this weather. There we are! Pride doth pinch. I need a haircut. I’m beginning to look like the Wild Woman of the West.



February 28, 2006

No, it’s not this bad.  In fact the snow is having trouble sticking. Now it has turned to sleet. I am sorry for those who have to face this kind of weather because they must get to work etc. I remember how stressful it was. Will the car start? Will I get stuck? Will I be able to get home again?

One good thing about being elderly – no more of these worries. I never go outside my door when it is snowing.  A fall would be disasterous. Keep warm, that’s my one aim and eat as well as I can.


Hot soup! Mmm!

Feeling chirpier

February 27, 2006


I’ve been naughty and have taken the last two days off writing. I must get down to work tomorrow though, without fail.

Found some great Smileys I can import.  At least, I hope so.  I love Smileys. They cheer up a blog, especially a boring one like this.

I love smileys

February 27, 2006

Hi Ya

Isn’t this great? Smileys on tap. It’s true what they say. The greatest discoveries are made by accident.


February 25, 2006

Have had sciatica all week. Oh my aching back! I can only move at a snail’s pace and wonder if it’s worth it after all. Hot water bottle, deep heat rubs, tablets – nothing works. Mind you, it hasn’t stopped me from writing – well, I’m on the last chapter of my book; a few thousand words from the magical ‘END’. The end is nigh. Oh! Ouch! There is goes again.

What I do for my art!

Waiting List to Nowhere?

February 24, 2006

There was a shocking story in my local evening paper recently about an elderly woman who had been waiting for a hip replacement for thirteen years. Thirteen years!

This story raised a dust storm. When hospital records were checked it was revealed that her name had been taken off the waiting list without her knowledge!

Last evening there was a further development reported in the newpaper. The woman is to have her hip operation – pretty damned quick!  Isn’t it wonderful what a bit of adverse publicity can do? 

Life on the Edge

February 23, 2006

What does this title mean?  It says what it means.  The elderly live on the edge of life. They are rarely considered and certainly not consulted. They exist on the outer rim of society. The lucky ones have families with younger people, when they can live vicariously, but they are still apart.  The ones who live alone have little idea the way life is lived by younger people. They are totally excluded. This is the way I see things as an older person. I believe many of the elderly feel the same. It is hard to lose one’s independance. It is hard to understand the way the world is now.



February 20, 2006

I worked well over the week end  – almost 2500 words written.  This chapter, chapter 23 may be the last chapter – it depends. But the end of the book is in sight. the longer time I can spend revising and rewriting the better.

The fact remains that the driving force I had when I was first published in 1997 has almost burned out.  I’m still on top of my game as far as creativity and writing is concerned, but the drive to persist is weaker.  Which is not surprising I suppose.  When my husband had to go into 24 hour nursing care in 2003 I felt like my family had broken up.  Who was there to strive for?  I tried to tell myself that I should press on for my own sake.  I deserve it, but it’s empty effort.  I shan’t give up of course, and I doubt that I can.  Writing is second nature now. 

Usually by this time in the writing of a book I have another idea on the back burner simmering away.  This time I haven’t. I do have a tiny tiny seed, an undeveloped thought, in my head, but whether I can expand that into a full blown novel is another matter. But, I say I’ll not give up.       



Pause for breath

February 17, 2006

No writing today as I visited my hubby. Tomorrow I hope to get on with the plot.

Where are the photos?

February 15, 2006

Mam at caravan site at Coldblow many years ago. This photo was easy to insert.

But not so using the ‘Hello’ photo-share programme, it seems. There there should have been a photograph included in each of the last two posts. What happened I wonder. Obviously I haven’t got the hang of it yet. I wonder if I can delete these last two posts. they look messy as they are.