Finding my way

Gradually, I am finding my way, I think.  This is my first real post on this site.  This is quite exciting because I really don’t know what I’ll discover next.

I want to add an image. Let’s see…

  Monty at garden Manselton 003.jpg

 That’s what I call winging it!  The image didn’t appear in the post as I expected it to do, but in a window below.  Inspiration! Try dragging and dropping. It worked – or at least it appears to have worked.   

 What are all these buttons along side the post?  Shall I press one?  Here goes…    Someting strange there.  Pressed post timestamp – almost lost the whole this I suspect.  Don’t tamper. But buttons are made to be pressed.  Dare I try it again? Not yet. Wait until there is more time.  No rush. I’ll call it a day now.




One Response to “Finding my way”

  1. somegirl Says:

    Thanks so much for your comments in my blog. I responded to them over there (unfortunately wordpress doesn’t have a reply notification, I don’t think, so I just wanted to let you know), and thank you for the link as well! I will return the favour and I really look forward to reading future entries from you. Reading your about you page, I was struck by how many similar elements I enjoy working into my own fiction, that darker side of human nature. I love it when writer’s don’t shy away from that stuff–it makes for a really compelling read.
    Thanks again!

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