Relentless Time

I hoped to do much more writing today, but could only manage just over 700 words.  I had to stop because I am on the edge of a big emotional scene. I need to stop and think about attitutes of the characters.  I need to push them to the edge – that means pushing myself to the edge. Well, not quite!

But it does mean I need to get into my character’s head thoroughly. Esther has a mean streak in her and I have to show that meanness at full throttle in this scene and the subsequent scene. Esther is out to destroy Ruth (main character) – I must ask myself why?  Jealousy?  Yes, David loved Ruth once, maybe still does.  But what else?  Plain spite, I think – coupled with her power – her power to seperate Ruth and her child for ever.

This is a little brainstorming, I think, and it feels good. Tomorrow hopefully will mean a full day of writing – if I can stand the strain!

I might be able to carry straight onto into the scene where Esther denounces Ruth as the child’s real mother, and maintains Ruth is out to do mischief. Annette is distraught and Richard furious at what he sees as Ruth’s dissembling. He will dismiss her and Ruth and her son are parted once again and this time it looks permanent.  Mmm! Can ‘t wait to begin tomorrow.



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