I worked well over the week end  – almost 2500 words written.  This chapter, chapter 23 may be the last chapter – it depends. But the end of the book is in sight. the longer time I can spend revising and rewriting the better.

The fact remains that the driving force I had when I was first published in 1997 has almost burned out.  I’m still on top of my game as far as creativity and writing is concerned, but the drive to persist is weaker.  Which is not surprising I suppose.  When my husband had to go into 24 hour nursing care in 2003 I felt like my family had broken up.  Who was there to strive for?  I tried to tell myself that I should press on for my own sake.  I deserve it, but it’s empty effort.  I shan’t give up of course, and I doubt that I can.  Writing is second nature now. 

Usually by this time in the writing of a book I have another idea on the back burner simmering away.  This time I haven’t. I do have a tiny tiny seed, an undeveloped thought, in my head, but whether I can expand that into a full blown novel is another matter. But, I say I’ll not give up.       




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