Have had sciatica all week. Oh my aching back! I can only move at a snail’s pace and wonder if it’s worth it after all. Hot water bottle, deep heat rubs, tablets – nothing works. Mind you, it hasn’t stopped me from writing – well, I’m on the last chapter of my book; a few thousand words from the magical ‘END’. The end is nigh. Oh! Ouch! There is goes again.

What I do for my art!


5 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. somegirl Says:

    Ouch indeed! Feel better!

  2. doreenedwards Says:

    Hi Somegirl

    Thanks for the sympathy. Pain is receeding – or else I’m getting used to it!

    I think I’ll finished my book within the next few days – can’t wait.

    How is your writing getting on?

  3. somegirl Says:

    Well, if it’s got to be either, I hope it’s receeding!

    Congrats on the near completion! That’s exciting!!

    My writing’s going–well, I think the only way I can put it is slow but steady and sometimes frustrating. Just as it usually goes. 🙂

  4. doreenedwards Says:

    Frustrating? yes that sounds all too familiar. I was very intrested in reading in your pages about the good remarks from that agent you approached. Sounds as though there’s interest there – good connection to make.

    I like your enthusiam and determination to get published. Atta girl!

  5. somegirl Says:

    It was! I am keeping that agent on “reserve” so to speak until I have some more credentials behind me and another novel to send out along with them.

    & Thank you! 🙂

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