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Another little dream come true

April 30, 2006


At last I am going to have my garden re-modelled.  I've waited years and years for a chance to make something of my garden; it's small and paved but it's the only one I've got. At present it's too dangerous for me to use – the risk of falling is too great.

I've made my down payment and the work should begin Monday week. It will take three to four weeks to complete. I'll be able to have garden furniture and use it in the summer like an extra room. Ooh-err! I can't wait. What will my dog make of it, I don't know.




April 27, 2006

  Hear Ye 

He ought to go, but he won't. But what about Tracey? Is she expendable? Probably. What about the Offical Secrets Act – does that cover high jinks in the bedroom?

The rot has set in. There's fodder here for the media for months ahead. 


Roll on Summer

April 24, 2006

Monty at garden Manselton 003.jpg

Here's Monty in the garden last summer.  Already I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. I had planned to have my garden improved but the gardener is conspicuous by his absence. All well, another dream shattered. 

Dr Who

April 22, 2006


I looked forward to Dr Who this evening – David Tennant is doing well in the role and usually I enjoy each episode but tonight I was bit disappointed. Sure, it was exciting enough.  The plot started out well, but the rest did not live up to the early promise.  Pauline Collins didn't convince me she was Queen Victoria – no presence. I could have done without the royal family joke at the end – a cheap shot. Maybe Russell T Davies is getting a bit too big for his boots.

Let's see what he has for us next Saturday.



April 19, 2006

 Bunny  I finally finished my latest book. There was a great deal of rewriting and revision to do. But now it's sent off to the publishers. This is my tenth novel which hopefully will be published in the autumn – if I haven't messed up altogether!


 For a few weeks I'm free to do as I please – read, listen to music and generally laze about. Nice!!!  Of course I'm already thinking about the people who will inhabit my next book – they are talking to me, quite loudly this time, telling me things about themselves and their lives – I love that!

But before I chain myself to my keyboard again I intend to read as much as possible. What a lovely thought. Dorothy L Sayers, some regional sagas (I have to keep my eye on the competition), more crime and some sci-fi if I can find the kind I like, definitely not fantasy.

I must cram in as much as possible in a shortest time as possible. Before long the manuscript will return with more work to be done – suggestions from my editor – oh dear! 

 Bow Down 

I'll get through this, I know I will, but I always worry that it will be something too difficult to tackle. Oh come on! I'm a writer – there's nothing I can't tackle.

 Laughing 1 

 I hope!