Bunny  I finally finished my latest book. There was a great deal of rewriting and revision to do. But now it's sent off to the publishers. This is my tenth novel which hopefully will be published in the autumn – if I haven't messed up altogether!


 For a few weeks I'm free to do as I please – read, listen to music and generally laze about. Nice!!!  Of course I'm already thinking about the people who will inhabit my next book – they are talking to me, quite loudly this time, telling me things about themselves and their lives – I love that!

But before I chain myself to my keyboard again I intend to read as much as possible. What a lovely thought. Dorothy L Sayers, some regional sagas (I have to keep my eye on the competition), more crime and some sci-fi if I can find the kind I like, definitely not fantasy.

I must cram in as much as possible in a shortest time as possible. Before long the manuscript will return with more work to be done – suggestions from my editor – oh dear! 

 Bow Down 

I'll get through this, I know I will, but I always worry that it will be something too difficult to tackle. Oh come on! I'm a writer – there's nothing I can't tackle.

 Laughing 1 

 I hope!



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