Out in August


 I'm so pleased with the design of the jacket for my novel Take My Child which will be published in August next by Severn House Publishers.

The story is of one girl's struggle to survive a loveless marriage and the destruction of her good name.

All the hard work is worthwhile after all.


3 Responses to “Out in August”

  1. traya Says:

    Why do you have a blog. I’m intrigued. If no-one goes on it. What’s the point in having one?

  2. Dodo Says:

    Why do I maintain this blog? Well, young sir, it’s like this. Vanity could be part of it. The need to communicate, also, even if no one appears to listen. I do have other blogs.

    If no one reads me – so what? I’m happy blogging along and alone. I’m a writer by profession and writers are always alone.

    But, this is a first – out of my three wordpress blogs you are the first person to take time to stop and ask a question. Thank you for the interest. 🙂

  3. traya Says:

    Cool. You’re welcome. Hehe.

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