Time to get serious

The first ten chapters of my new novel are complete – in draft form, of course. Haven’t had much time for blogging unfortunately.

The time has come now to send these ten chapters off to my agent. The purpose of this is to show her that I am getting on with the job in hand; get her advice on how it looks so far, and if possible give her some ammunition to try to secure a new book contract for me.

Even though I have already had ten books published with the uncertain state of publishing today nothing can be taken for granted. You are only as good as your current book – never before has that phrase been truer. The competition in my genre is fierce.
But I can only give it my best shot.


2 Responses to “Time to get serious”

  1. a1fe00a756 Says:

    I think that sounds like almost giving up. Books are the future. I am sure if you believe what you write, then there will be no place for nostalgia and hope wont lack.

    Myself, I like good novels.

  2. Dodo Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Hope springs eternal, of course. But publishing today is tough. Nowadays, if a writer doesn’t hit the big-time within two books or so, he/she is dropped by the publisher. There is no nurturing these days, so very few writers have time to develop properly. It’s very sad. New writers with talent can’t ge a look-in and seasoned writers are often cut off short.
    I’m grumbling, but I’ll never stop writing – not while I can drag myself to the keyboard anrway.


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