Keeping Secrets

New Novel out July 08

This book offers a bittersweet saga of conflict and heartache set in the 1930s from this popular Welsh author. Gillian Finch and Dorothy Prosser are firm friends as well as cousins. For four years they have kept their friendship secret in the face of the bitter feud that has broken out between their respective families over the will of the family matriarch, Rose Prosser. Siblings, Henry Prosser and Vera Finch are at loggerheads over it and Vera is convinced that Henry has cheated her.It is not the only secret. When Gillian and Dorothy fall head over heels for the same man, Ronnie Knox, Henry’s young business partner, a fierce clash ensues as to which one will get him. The repercussions of this quarrel lead to other secrets being exposed. Everyone, it seems has something to hide.
A story of young love and a faithless marriage.

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  1. darleengilliam4988 Says:

    Wow, it really sounds like you guys picked a good route for your travels, it sounds amazing! Its funny but even though Im lucky enough to travel allot with work, Im never really free to just get up and move on! Fiji is now officially on my list of places to see. Come on

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