About Me

 Gwen Madoc

I have had many jobs in my life: typist, secretary, civil servant but now I am a puplished writer.  Most of my friends are writers too.

 I was first published in 1997 and have had eleven novels published to date. I list titles on a subsequent page. I have now finished writing my twelfth novel for Severn House Publishing.  KEEPING SECRETS will be out in July 2008. I am getting on with the planning and preparation for my next novel.

I love writing and anything to do with the craft. I am also very interested in encouraging other unpublished writers to make the grade. 

Getting published is not easy in the present climate in publishing. Trends come and go. At present there is a lull in my own genre, the regional saga or for want of a better word, romance.  Romantic novels are definitely ‘out’ I believe and today novels of this kind for women must have much grittier elements if they are to appeal to modern day readers. Indeed, romance plays a small part in my own books.  I prefer to write about the darker side of human nature –  greed, lust, revenge, murder as well as love.

I do my best to make my novels race along – pace is everything – but also a strong fiesty female character who takes the lead and battles her way through to triumph is also a necessary element.  Characters with attitude make a novel come alive on the page. That is what I strive for. 

I have made a series of small videos on the subject of writing the novel. These can be followed on :-



I think it right that I should impart any skill and knowledge I have acquired over the years to other writers struggling in this very cut-throat profession.    


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