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Out in June

July 14, 2007

Latest book

My latest book Mothers and Daughters came out in June 2007.  I am already halfway through my next book.  I won’t reveal the title yet but intend to keep it a secret for the time being.

    Love Letter I have six months to finished it. That may seem a long time but it is not really. There is  a lot of work and a lot of writing still to get through. 

Back to the keyboard!  


A new beginning

March 13, 2007

Well, at last the revisions on my current book are complete. It has a brand new title now, MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS, out later this year.
How about that!

I am starting to plan the next book. I will be making videos of my progress and my methods, explaining the way I create a novel. These I will be posting to YouTube and Livevideo. Isn’t technology wonderful? And its fun too.

My head is full of my new characters and their lives, past and present.

I believe I will enjoy myself writing this one. Let’s hope so.

 Bye for now! 

Off with the old, On with the new

February 16, 2007

 Hi Ya 

My book is finished at last and sent off to my publishers. Hoorah!


Now I am thinking about an idea for the next one.  Characters are crowding into my consciousness.   They are all clamouring to tell me their story. Most of the stuff seems to be about family secrets.  My head is buzzing!

It is all so chaotic. How will I sort it all out into a coherent whole?

I don’t know.  It just happens – eventually – after a lot of hard work.  Anyway, I’ve got a year to whip the whole thing into shape.

Here I go again!!!


Once more with feeling!

June 2, 2006


The remodelling of my garden is only half complete, and I'm still uptight at having workmen around all day but this morning I began to work in earnest on the outline of my next novel.

I can picture the beginning, some of the middle and the end – especailly the end. It will be a week yet before the garden is finished and I know, from experience, that the presence of workmen does tend to slow the creative juices somewhat. This will give me time to know my outline back to front and upside down. I'm convinced, after the uncertainty experienced when writing my last book that as far as I am concerned careful planning of the plot segments is absolutely essential. I must know where I am going. Hopefully a well established outline will give a steady flow of writing. I don't have a new contract yet, but I am writing in faith that I will.