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Royal kiss

March 2, 2006

I was glad to see in the Daily Mail this morning a photograph of the Queen exchanging a family kiss with the Duchess of Cornwall in Cardiff, as the royal family attended the opening of the new Welsh Assemby building. The Queen’s expression was one of real pleasure. I am British and proud of it, and it was heartening to see the royal family getting it right in the eyes of the world.

 In my humble opinion Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will make an excellent Queen in due course.  She has dignity and stability. This marriage should have occurred a long time ago.

I know I shall make many readers angry by stating that Diana, Princess of Wales never was suitable. She had a powerful charisma, yes, and endeared herself to millions of Brits as well as overseas, but I do not believe she would have made a dignified and strong Queen. Nobel blood or not, she did not have it in her makeup. Noble blood does not ensure good judgement.

I remember reading at the time of her engagement to Prince Charles that the Spencer bloodline was more royal than the bloodline of the Queen. Noble blood and the ability to produce hiers were her credentials.  Of course the State and the Church undoubtedly had a heavy hand in the choice of wife for our future king. But there is nothing holy in sovereignty (an ancient belief); nothing sacred in noble blood. Much damage and unhappiness has been wrought in preserving this belief. 

Let us hope that unhappiness is now over for our royal family, and that from now on they preserve a unified front to show the rest of the world.




Waiting List to Nowhere?

February 24, 2006

There was a shocking story in my local evening paper recently about an elderly woman who had been waiting for a hip replacement for thirteen years. Thirteen years!

This story raised a dust storm. When hospital records were checked it was revealed that her name had been taken off the waiting list without her knowledge!

Last evening there was a further development reported in the newpaper. The woman is to have her hip operation – pretty damned quick!  Isn’t it wonderful what a bit of adverse publicity can do? 

Life on the Edge

February 23, 2006

What does this title mean?  It says what it means.  The elderly live on the edge of life. They are rarely considered and certainly not consulted. They exist on the outer rim of society. The lucky ones have families with younger people, when they can live vicariously, but they are still apart.  The ones who live alone have little idea the way life is lived by younger people. They are totally excluded. This is the way I see things as an older person. I believe many of the elderly feel the same. It is hard to lose one’s independance. It is hard to understand the way the world is now.