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More Stradey

August 4, 2006

 Hi Ya 




 Can’t resist showing off my photos from this lovely place and on that lovely day.



Dog Blues!

May 8, 2006

Monty at garden Manselton 0031.jpg

The work on my garden has started. Monty is fed up to the back teeth! He can't go out and run around as he usually does. Black earth is everywhere. I'm not having him rolling in that! It was only on Friday last that I bathed him.

He's looking so miserable.

If only the weather will hold off. If it rains there'll be a mud bath just outside my back door.

Still, it'll be great in the summer. I hope!

Roll on Summer

April 24, 2006

Monty at garden Manselton 003.jpg

Here's Monty in the garden last summer.  Already I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. I had planned to have my garden improved but the gardener is conspicuous by his absence. All well, another dream shattered. 


March 1, 2006

Snow in the 1st March 2006       “What’s this fluffy stuff?”  Monty wants to know this morning.  Although he has seen snow last November he is still suspicious of it.

Yes, that is my finger on the left edge. Well, I never said I was a photographer.

It’s strange to see the sun shining and, at the same time, snow falling out of a blue sky. But since it is the lst of March snow or no snow as far as I’m concerned spring is here.




February 28, 2006

No, it’s not this bad.  In fact the snow is having trouble sticking. Now it has turned to sleet. I am sorry for those who have to face this kind of weather because they must get to work etc. I remember how stressful it was. Will the car start? Will I get stuck? Will I be able to get home again?

One good thing about being elderly – no more of these worries. I never go outside my door when it is snowing.  A fall would be disasterous. Keep warm, that’s my one aim and eat as well as I can.


Hot soup! Mmm!