Other Interests

 swansea-panorama1.jpg  My home town or rather city of Swansea, overlooking the breathtaking sweep of Swansea Bay, with The Mumbles lighthouse in the far distance.

                                           * * *

Obviously my family, or what’s left of it, is my biggest interest.  Family relationships are so important. I also love animals.  I love cats and of course dogs.  My little Jack Russell, Monty is the joy of my life. He snoozes each day on an armchair nearby as I am at my computer writing. He is so patient.

I am very intersted in painting both watercolouring and oils, although I have not used oil paints for some time. After watching the artist Charles Evans on cable recently my interest in watercolours has been rekindled.  I have bought some watercolour pencils.  They are excellent although I think I might buy more expensive ones next time to get a better result.  Oil paints and the other materials one needs for oil painting are expensive.  This needs more thought.

I am also interested in astrophysics (when I can understand what it is all about), cosmology and science in general.  A really intriquing subject. too, I think is the study of genes.  I love watching people, also.  Understanding people, their motives, expressions, body language, their words and intereaction with each other is, of course, pertinent to my work as a writer.  Characters drive plot in fiction.  Understanding ones fellow-beings is essential. But I have a lot to learn yet.  


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