More Stradey

August 4, 2006

 Hi Ya 




 Can’t resist showing off my photos from this lovely place and on that lovely day.



Day out

August 4, 2006


Lovely day out at Strady Water Park, Llanelli. What a beautiful place. There seems to be hundreds of swans – I’ve never seen   so many in one place.  All kinds of water birds to be seen.

I loved my day out.


Out in August

June 13, 2006


 I'm so pleased with the design of the jacket for my novel Take My Child which will be published in August next by Severn House Publishers.

The story is of one girl's struggle to survive a loveless marriage and the destruction of her good name.

All the hard work is worthwhile after all.

Take My Child

June 13, 2006


The proofs have been checked and the corrections sent off to the publishers by email this morning. Apparently, the production of the book TAKE MY CHILD will start at 1.30pm today. A close run thing. As shown the jacket design has already been decided.

I'm always full of doubt on finishing a book but having read the novel through in proof form I find it is better than I had anticipated. I was afraid that the tension that I had built up in the first two thirds of the story might have slackened off towards the end (always a big worry for an author) but no, I've kept the tension going mainly through tight writing. Every book I've written is a new experience for me I find.

My garden is almost complete and I am very pleased with it – six weeks it has taken, a far bigger job that the gardener thought. This afternoon should see the final touches – I hope.

Then I shall be free to start writing my next book. The plot has been rattling around in my head for weeks if not months. I now know enough about the characters and what happens to start the actual writing. The hard slog begins all over again. I must be crazy!

Once more with feeling!

June 2, 2006


The remodelling of my garden is only half complete, and I'm still uptight at having workmen around all day but this morning I began to work in earnest on the outline of my next novel.

I can picture the beginning, some of the middle and the end – especailly the end. It will be a week yet before the garden is finished and I know, from experience, that the presence of workmen does tend to slow the creative juices somewhat. This will give me time to know my outline back to front and upside down. I'm convinced, after the uncertainty experienced when writing my last book that as far as I am concerned careful planning of the plot segments is absolutely essential. I must know where I am going. Hopefully a well established outline will give a steady flow of writing. I don't have a new contract yet, but I am writing in faith that I will.


Goodbye, Marilyn

May 27, 2006


This is Marilyn, my sister-in-law, who passed away so suddenly two weeks ago, aged 64, leaving her family devastated. Her funeral was yesterday, 26th May.  There was a terrific turn out. Marilyn had innumerable friends and acquaintances who came to say their last goodbyes, even on one of the most dismay days of the month.

She has left such a void in our lives. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Dog Blues!

May 8, 2006

Monty at garden Manselton 0031.jpg

The work on my garden has started. Monty is fed up to the back teeth! He can't go out and run around as he usually does. Black earth is everywhere. I'm not having him rolling in that! It was only on Friday last that I bathed him.

He's looking so miserable.

If only the weather will hold off. If it rains there'll be a mud bath just outside my back door.

Still, it'll be great in the summer. I hope!

Another little dream come true

April 30, 2006


At last I am going to have my garden re-modelled.  I've waited years and years for a chance to make something of my garden; it's small and paved but it's the only one I've got. At present it's too dangerous for me to use – the risk of falling is too great.

I've made my down payment and the work should begin Monday week. It will take three to four weeks to complete. I'll be able to have garden furniture and use it in the summer like an extra room. Ooh-err! I can't wait. What will my dog make of it, I don't know.



April 27, 2006

  Hear Ye 

He ought to go, but he won't. But what about Tracey? Is she expendable? Probably. What about the Offical Secrets Act – does that cover high jinks in the bedroom?

The rot has set in. There's fodder here for the media for months ahead. 


Roll on Summer

April 24, 2006

Monty at garden Manselton 003.jpg

Here's Monty in the garden last summer.  Already I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. I had planned to have my garden improved but the gardener is conspicuous by his absence. All well, another dream shattered.